HOOP NETS (Hoop Dia. 2 ft.)

Hoop Nets (also known as fyke, barrel or fiddler nets) are one of the most common stationary nets used in commercial fishing. Hoop nets are tubular shaped nets with a series of hoops, 7 per net, tapered and spaced along the length of the net to keep it open. To fish a hoop net, the net is staked out in a body of water and the bait is placed in the closed or tail end of the net. The net is then lifted out of the water and the catch is emptied.

$195.00, 3 for $555.75
$70.00, 3 for $199.50
$180.00, 3 for $513.00
$52.00, 3 for $148.20
$155.00, 3 for $441.75
$45.00, 3 for $128.25